Monday, February 11, 2008

DOAEN 20: Tkhine in Adar

What is Revealed / What is Hidden

Last night I heard frogs
that survived the winter in Leona Canyon
celebrating their mutual existence
a chorus of peeps and croaks
from beneath piled reeds.

More hidden is Gaza
where wounds are always open
shipments of medical supplies
and food pour through barricades
from beneath the watchful eye of the Sphinx
while children sell their bodies
wondering where on standby
God waits and at which airport.

A cantor sings Saturday morning
of the dwelling place for the mishkan
where the Shekhinah builds her nest
from our offerings, twisted linen
blue, purple and crimson
yarns with a design of two cherubim,
a breathing space for Your holy spirit
to huddle between.

Help me this morning
to understand why countries can only offer
law and not justice,
why peace
is the absence of war,
why hate
sings Your name,
and why our hands clutch
at these gold nuggets of fear.