Friday, November 16, 2007

DOAEN 10: Fractals

Digits escape me as the digital world invades me. I am lucky to remember my social security number that places me bobbling on a sea of paper work. Soon it will end with a closed file.

On a good day, New Deal institutions linger in my mind like the Unisphere from the 1964/65 New York World's Fair in Flushing, Queens. Links of distant memory are excavated on the Internet. Memory is in remnants and I am a rag picker going through boxes.

My EuroDNA report indicates that my ancestors have lived for equal amounts of time in Northern and Southern Europe. I have acted out a similar migration path, living on both east and west coasts. I am not convinced that DNA is destiny. My geography is in fractals. I do not want my dreams to inhabit the linear world.

This morning the radio in the coffee shop played "Greensleeves." Donut holes, scones, buttermilk bars, and glazed crullers orbited around the flourescent light fixture. I stood in line wondering whether to buy a lottery ticket.

My life has been a series of movements in quarter time: civil rights, anti-war, women's, HIV and AIDS epidemics. Global warming and the environment. The half-off sale on democracy. The occupation of Palestine and the War in Iraq.

What is the sound of justice? This is a Zen koan.

Music: Abbey Lincoln, "Abbey Sings Abbey"
What's Been Happening: Pina Bausch
On a Personal Level: Motorcycle convention in San Mateo
Keywords: dreams (drama) on the other side of the door
whirlpool of further losses
face glued to the moment
awoke with a taste of soda in my mouth
the linear world does not inhabit me / I do not inhabit


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