Saturday, December 8, 2007

DOAEN 13: Strip Mall

Looking for a large number of bars to appear on my cellphone while I walk inside the strip mall doing research. All hands-on deck to install a new set of assumptions. Santa is scheduled to make an appearance through metal detectors.  Does he remove his belt buckle? Parking lots are full and I'm a Linux know-it-all who runs my open system next to yours. Hear me out. Projectionists say electronics are hot. Illusionists?

He: What do you want to buy today?
She: I don't know. What do you want to buy today?
He: I asked you first.
She: I asked you second.
He: Why so perturbed, my pet?
She: There are so many choices and so little time.
He: Buy now. Save later.
She: You think?

In the parking lot and there's a woman whose head is covered by a kerchief. She places  a 24-roll pack of toilet paper and jumbo jars of spaghetti sauce into the trunk of her car. Her children offer more packages. They speak a language that could be Farsi. Clouds meet at a central checkpoint, portending more rain?

Not so long ago, the sky fell over Baghdad. No one picked up the pieces. Not to worry. This is a level playing field. We all must show a receipt to to get past the surveillance cameras. Don't want to be arrested for shoplifting.

She: I'm sorry.
Woman with head covered: Miss?
She: I had nothing to do with it.
Woman with head covered: I miss you altogether.
She: I'm flattered.
Woman with head covered: Very kind of you.
She: I mean none of it was my fault.
Woman with head covered: I'm at a loss.
She: Here, use them next time. You can clip out coupons. (Holds up shopping flyer and points to the dotted lines.)

Voice over a Very Loud Speaker:  Shoppers, it's a great way to spend the afternoon. What you see before you is the top ten: Wal*Mart butting up against Sports Authority next to See's Candy next to Big O Tires. History lesson. The mall was built in the 1970's, a salt marsh where bugs shot the breeze with birds, Now look at this place. Nothing luxurious. Sure, the white parking dividers need to be repainted. It's not one of those big suburban malls, but it's our mall. Just like a home team that refuses to take steroids.

Enter Santa, parking lot left.

Music: Wyclef Jean, "Carnival, Vol. II"
What's Been Happening: Walk around Lake Merritt and PEN Oakland awards
On a Personal Level: Jefferson in Santa Rita, Mischa at home
Keywords: open hand set alliance


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