Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Object of Desire

Marketers study the way we talk together, listening in on conversations, trying to understand how people interact online.  It's a new science, a hunt on for the new metric to evaluate marketing in the world of social networking.  Page views, RSS, brand recognition, information moving us to the purchase of a product.  And at what moment does the critical wallet pull happen and why? 

It seems as though the best marketers agree  (at least they did at the 8/19 San Mateo forum) -- while they're all interested in their sworn company's' bottom line, in the long run it's the one-to-one relationship with a customer that counts (I've always been at on the outskirts of being a party girl myself), and the biggest mistake is to abandon a relationship once you've established it.  The trust factor vaporizes into smoked candy.

So what's does a social network of patients suffering from dementia sound like? 

How are you?
All bright.

Lenore Weiss

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