Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I Cut Out From the Newspaper

4th century Lod mosaic the largest mosaic floor ever unearthed in Israel
recipe for beef brisket discount coupon for juju fruits
something about Gary Allan: No one peels back scabs like him, Get Off on the Pain and See if I Care The Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin with violinist Midori Seiler the 4 Seasons HMC902061
“The Transmission” at by Ryan and Jen Ozawa also

Diamond mountains, dictionopolis, lake of dreams pipple popple, land of a million wishes, dundonald castle, nightmare abbey, elven halls of mirkwood, empty hats, other end of nowhere (see george kubler, the shape of time) gem of truth island, Balinese orchestra, graveyard of unwritten books, orphan’s island, image of paradise in the collective imagination, mountains of ignorance, mountains of spirit, the history of the world is marked by examples of how brutal we can be to each other, marco rios and kara tanaka in death’s boutique, promesse, research clay spohn (artists) grace mcgann morley (SFMA), then find a physical object that is shared virtual content

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