Sunday, August 1, 2010

Report Drunk Drivers

He gathers empty boxes from Lucky’s parking lot to stay busy.
Across town, I read an article to stay busy.

Along the road, I see a sign to Report Drunk Drivers.
A retired engineer grows artichokes and red lentils to stay busy.

I rub lavender pellets between my fingers and release the scent to the ground.
From his window, he watches a two-year old boy chase squirrels to stay busy.

Grapevines, more green than his eyes, grow in never-ending rows.
He locks the front door and starts the Harley, cycles to stay busy.

I buy a white glass with a decal of olives and a bottle of Merlot. Go home.
Crossing my arms against the ocean, I study a seagull to stay busy.

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