Wednesday, October 13, 2010

6. A Sparrow in Search of Spring

Temujin, wolf-man with cat eyes
came to me in a goat-skin cape

to replace my companion of  months,
a shadow. Now my twin flies

like a sparrow in search of spring
away to a peak covered in grass,

or like a sturgeon that leaps
with the oar of its tail.

I twist free into a deer.
Night is studded with pearls

and wraps us in black velvet.
No one sees

or can dream what we do
in each other's den,

backs are etched raw
by root and stone.

Thunder from our sated voices
makes a stream-bed.

Who we are together
Is locked in our eyes. 

The child that is mine
is now his.  

Temujin has come back.
I remove straw from his beard.

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