Sunday, January 23, 2011

Manduhai Across the Router

On weekends I Skype you,
wash sheets I bought when you lived here,
fall down on the bed.

There's no coffee in the house.
I remember my dream where ribs of darkness
decayed into a sandstorm of lightbulbs.

Nothing about coffee.
Fire, glass, and alcohol were part of it.
The Borromeo String Quartet scanned

Handel from laptops on music stands.
The iPhone glowed blue
with our songs.

I pressed Shuffle
but they fell flat,

a Genghis Khan
shooting from the hip
and the World Wide Web,

a Spice Trail across
routers with worm holes.
Later from the estuary

I emailed memories
scented in lavendar, rosemary,
and the back of your neck.


webgirl said...

Grand Khan Mandaghol, Chinggis Khaan's twenty-seventh successor, died in 1467 as the result of a war against his great-nephew and heir Bolkho jinong [regent], and the latter in his turn was assassinated before he could be proclaimed khan (1470). Of the once so numerous Khublaid family [ie, descendants of Chinggis through Khubilai Khaan] there now remained only a five-year old boy, Dayan, the son of Bolkho jinong, who was 'deserted by everyone, even his mother, who had remarried.' Mandaghol's young widow, Manduhai, took the child under her protection and proclaimed him khan. She herself then assumed command of the loyal Mongols and inflicted a defeat on the Oirad. In 1481, she married young Dayan. In 1491-92, this heroic woman, whose exploits recall those of Oeleun-eke, Chinggis Khaan's mother, 'is again depicted at the head of an army which repulsed the Oirad.' It is to her that tradition gives credit for having overthrown Oirad supremacy and restored hegemony to the eastern Mongols (1970: 509).

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