Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Widow Rapsodic

The beat is everywhere, but life has to find its own flow.

Take out your purse and lip gloss this--
Woodpeckers are eating my roof
I'm so nervous--
like a rookie cop on a new beat.

Day after day, I hear them hammering--
a chorus line with 100 pairs of feet--
Friends say I should join AARP.
What for? To get a discounted rental?

I dial insurance for the interview--
Each time I look out the window--
another shingle bites the dust.
My life's savings are going bust.

The agent on the line whines
there's nothing he can do to stop her--
assumes the bird's a she and not a devil--
But do I look like some Harry Potter?

Like this is a video conference
and you could really tell.
The bank refi is not going well.
Rain washes out my eyes

with a new vacancy rate--
I watch my furniture float away--
drive by a fork in the road
and decide to go straight.

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