Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 99% in Crossett, Arkansas

When you're in the belly of the monster
You don't consider if your lipgloss is sticky
Or if your hair spray is crunchy
Or how Steve Jobs, if he found himself in the same situation,
Would've connected the dots.
Even when distraction and evil influence rule the day,
And the EPA is scheduled to show up at the ash pit where you eat your lunch,
And you know that the company the contractors you work for have fungled everything,
Financial titans who threaten to eat their own children,
Who have tempted the spawning multitudes with their own extinction, 
In the great red light of the world's afternoon, inside yourself
There's a quick change artist 
Who can do things accidentally on purpose,
You take a leak on the opposite side of the pond,
Hang your goggles from a side-view mirror,
Pray to gods of the Internet and magicians of High Hogwarts,
This better turn out good.

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